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Still life revisited is a project about memories, but also about obsession and mortality. I have worked with fruits, focusing on the fruit skin; which for me is the fruit's most interesting part. The skin is the surface we judge and inspect when we buy fruits, and it’s also the surface we manipulate and spray to make the fruit more attractive and durable. In many ways the fruit's skin thereby reminds me of our own skin and our hunt for the perfect look. Undoubtedly the societal norm is to create (sometimes unbelievably) smooth surfaces, which are kept smooth, much longer than they 'naturally' would. This norm is what I think the Still life revisited experiments illuminate and question. Through this project I question whether we really want to give our food a seemingly eternal life. The project consists of several experiments in ceramic, silicone and plaster.


Type: Objects
Design: Marie Lindblad
Year: 2013

Photo: Marie Lindblad

Exhibited 2014 at Spazio Rossana Orlandi, Milan

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